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Our Nori is not produced for the mass-market,
but for those who value and enjoy high quality flavor!

Today almost all Nori growers deliver the entire harvest that they have cultivated with care to their fishery cooperatives. Unfortunately, virtually the only criteria the mass market cares about is “blackness” and “sleekness”. The qualities that are so important for delicious Nori - “crispness”, “mouth feel”, “flavor”, and “umami” - are not taken into account. Because of this, many cultivators feel obliged to produce Nori that scores well for exhibitions rather than for flavor.

In 2018, 3 of us have started delivering our hearty products to consumers directly so that we can produce what we think the best. We hope to supply nori that has been cultivated for flavor to people who truly appreciate good nori.
To be honest, there has been considerable backlash in Japan against our movement; we have been criticized and yelled at, and, at times, even felt in danger. It seems that our enterprise is seen as a threat to fishery cooperatives and dealers as it could disrupt their long-standing business schemes. In this situation, we are determined to fight back, but we need to find those who will support us. So we’ve decided to let our nori and our ideas be known abroad.

We would like to find more people who appreciate the true value of nori and help us change the evaluation criteria.

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